Elkton Community Club
PO Box A
Elkton, SD  57026


            The Elkton Community Club is involved in our local Charity Fund Drive, the annual Harvest Festival, including the Miss Elkton Pageant and the parade, Santa Claus Day, main street improvements and beautification, Norman's Garden, and much more. We contribute financially to many school functions and local organizations such as the Girl Scouts, Elkton Post Prom and swimming lessons, to name just a few. Our purpose is to keep Elkton alive and active.


            The Community Club is comprised of business owners and employees, residents from around the area, and any others who wish to call Elkton “home.”  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join and participate. 

            Our annual banquet is held in January with outstanding food and entertainment provided for a small cost.  During the banquet we announce the Elkton Citizen of the Year award. Please join us!


            Our meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except January) at 5:30pm in the Elkton Community Center.  The meetings are a fun way to find out what is happening not only in our town but around the area. 


            If you are not currently a member, please consider becoming one.  Your input and involvement in the community would be welcome and beneficial to all of us.  If you are renewing your membership we are thrilled to have you back and sincerely hope to see you at our banquet and future meetings. 

            Your annual membership dues contribute to the activities that make Elkton special.  Your help with the planning and implementation of the various functions is needed even more. Please make it a point to become involved with your community – you can make a difference!



The 2018 Elkton Community Club Membership Committee

Dawn Boltjes  605-651-5664
Nancy Spiering  605-542-2063
Bill Fargen  605-542-2681